Mission Statement

We are a team of passionate individuals, working together as a cooperative, to staunchly defend our inalienable rights to freedom of choice and bodily integrity. Through the Control Group's website and associated forums, we provide a platform where all members can maintain their health data and unite with a like-minded community to remain informed and empowered.

As a cooperative, our project is funded by our valued worldwide associate members, who are encouraged to guide us in steering this project forward and expanding ways we can legally protect our freedoms and prevent medical discrimination. We are doing this with love to protect the future of our families, children, friends, neighbours and all of humanity. If we don't do it, then who will?

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The Phase one and two SARS-CoV-2 vaccine trial participants have now mostly been vaccinated – so where will the scientists find long-term safety data for the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations?

Citizens do the science

We have taken it into our own hands to design a scientific Control Group by bringing together the voluntarily unvaccinated and asking them to record their health outcomes over the next 30 years. This data, which will NOT include names or addresses, will be made available for comparison against data from vaccinated cohorts (requests for data will need to be approved by our Ethics Panel).

We are not affiliated to any pharmaceutical corporations.

We will Record:

Medical data (including: new and ongoing medical conditions, pregnancy outcomes, fertility etc…), Blood group and Discrimination (participants will be able to record companies that discriminate against them).

Everyone joining the study will receive a digital ID card that can be shown in shop, venues and educational institutions as proof of participation.

Become an Associate and Support our Work

Become an Associate of the Control Group Cooperative Ltd (CG Coop) with an ongoing subscription of just £6 per quarter and join with like-minded people from all over the world in supporting this project and its community, because together, we have power. All Associates receive free, plastic ID cards for them and their dependants.

We are at the very beginning of what we can only describe as ‘a very interesting journey’. None of us know exactly where this will take us, but what we do know, is that we should never feel that we are alone – and that is why we have created this world community; to join us in unity and in hope and to find practical solutions to the problems we will face.

For example:

  • We anticipate people who have not been vaccinated will want to be able to access unvaccinated blood – should they need a transfusion, so we are including ‘blood type’ in our data collection system.
  • We already know that those who choose not to be vaccinated are going to face discrimination from service providers, venues and possibly schools and other educational settings. We are asking our participants to record this information in the database, so that we can build a legal team to fight against the worst offenders.
  • Gillick competence is a risk to children in schools, but we hope that your children will feel more confident with a CG Coop ID card to act as a visual shield against vaccine coercion.

The Control Group is a community cooperative, for the people. All funds will be re-invested into the project and its community.